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Our mission is to make stylish motorcycling gear without compromising its protection. After a decade of research, we have developed a liner called PEKEV®, that has picked up the world's highest rating for abrasion resistance. Our pants for everyday riding are light and comfortable to give the rider the best possible experience – they come in several denim washes and styles including Cargo's, Chino's and Café Racer's. In addition to manufacturing pants, we also produce protective Hoodies, Rocker Jackets, and Gloves lined with PEKEV as well.


PEKEV® has raised the standard in terms of abrasion protection. In comparison to traditional aramid fibers, PEKEV® is thinner, lighter, and stronger. In addition, PEKEV® is more durable and flexible, so when lined with denim, it moves with the rider.  


PEKEV® lining is specifically engineered to protect you against abrasions and lacerations during the few high-risk seconds of an accident. It passed the EN 13595-1 test in 10.83 seconds. 


With traditional aramid fibers, exposure to sunlight, washing, and overall aging will degrade their protective qualities. PEKEV®, on the other hand, is not affected by UV radiation, bleach, detergents, washing and moisture. Our jeans can be washed like traditional denim, without compromising the overall durability and protection of our lining.


All products are marketed and distributed by Resurgence Sports LLC. Richardson, TX. Resurgence Gear © 2013 - 2014, PEKEV® and the R logo is copyrighted by Resurgence Gear Inc. All rights reserved and owned by Resurgence Gear Inc. of Ontario, Canada.

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